Winter Vibes, Tunes, Jingles and Jollies

As much as I like sports and outdoor activities, discovering music satiates a different type of curiosity that rejuvenates the soul. Music has the ability to tap deep within. It arouses certain feelings. Music energizes, soothes and, most importantly, it connects. Music transcends time and space, yet connects us to a time and place; a specific memory. It stupefies me. Music, if not for the sake of comparison, can eclipse a mere description. You feel it or you don’t. Maybe it grows on you. Maybe it doesn’t. That’s it. That’s all.

I think it’s cool to share with others what you’re passionate about. It could open a door for somebody, inspire them to chase the lion or, at least, pave the way for riveting conversation. Anyways, I’m gonna list off artists that I’ve had on repeat since being introduced to them within the last year or so. Here’s the first group. Pure platinum:

The Broods

Drumkit smashing, keyboard flowing, vulnerable yet vivacious, smooth yet chaotic, this combination of brother and sister-Georgia and Caleb Nott-have created a unique sound of their own. They caught fire after signing with Lorde’s producer at the end of 2013. Her voice packs a punch of bashful, bold, serene and forceful. Combine Nott’s haunting voice with the prowess of her brother on the drum kit and you have a special sound. A sound distinct from Lorde or other New Zealand groups that might overshadow the up and comers. Their new album Evergreen, song by song, has grown on me the last couple of months. Here’s a couple of my favorite tunes from them:



Taking You There


More to Come in the Near Future. Cheers!


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