Chaos. Anguish. Panic. Those are not the first three words that typically come to mind when describing the finish line of a marathon. However, on Monday, tragically, those words portrayed the mayhem during Monday’s running of the Boston Marathon. Initially, I felt shock, then anger, all under an umbrella of sorrow. As a runner, the Boston Marathon is known as the mecca of all marathons. It’s rich history is filled with inspirational stories of many a runner who put in the discipline, commitment, and passion that it takes to qualify for such a race. Those grimacing faces of fatigue peering towards the finish line are what inspire so many onlookers who go to cheer and support.

     The culture of running is so pure. So Powerful. So Positive. Runners and others, cheering one another on, whether it be at the start, during, or after the race. In endurance events, there is a “we are all in this together” mentality. The shared feeling of a conquered goal with fellow runners is memorable. However, on Monday, that was all ripped away. Temporarily. Monday was much bigger than running. Monday illustrated man’s mistreatment and senselessness towards fellow man. Due to the unconscionable acts of a couple of people, innocent lives were harmed, and even lost. I can’t really conjure up anything coherent to write. I am disgusted, angry, and enraged. However, as an American, and a runner, I know that our country will press on. This act of cowardice will not split us, but rather unite us. As we carry on and march forward, let’s all remember to be sure and say a prayer for those in Boston. 


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