A Rain-Filled, Eventful Week

I completed the TEFL course in Barcelona and decided to enroll in a Spanish course out here. Financially, it is not the best decision for me. However, taking a Spanish course is a great excuse to live in a beautiful beach town. Pretty much every other individual in my course feels the same way. Breathing in the salty ocean air while strolling through lush trails is a good reminder that I made the correct choice.

Well, the forecast in San Sebastian this week has been some rain, some hail, and wind followed by some rain, some hail, and wind. Needless to say, the weather has been fierce and unrelenting. However, there are breaks in the day where the sun will peak through the dark clouds above and set upon the Bay of Biscay. It has made for some awesome sunsets. If anything, though, the freezing rain and howling wind has increasingly motivated me to go outside and explore. I write this because this evening, I went to the edge of this hillside that looks down upon a road next to the Bay. The winds were some of the strongest I have ever felt in my life. Then came the hail, followed by the rain. This aggressive combination of elements created some massive waves. It was amazing to see the ocean in such a frenzied state. Experiences like this are memorable to me because in just a matter of seconds, God will remind us how amazing He is and how He is in control.  Upon arriving back to my apartment, I was drenched. It looked as though I taken a jump in the water myself. It didn’t matter. It was totally worth it.

Quick picture while the rain began to pour down
The Next Morning-Strong Winds!
View from my Balcony. Beautiful.
Some very pleasant scenery accompanies me on my daily stroll to class

Today, a classmate and I decided to go check out the annual Carnival in Tolosa. It is a celebration of 40 days until Easter. Sunday is known as “Zaldunita”. Many towns hold carnivals, however, the locals claim that Tolosa’s Carnival is the one to be at on Sunday. I felt that the moment I entered the San Sebastian train station. It looked like Halloween. The streets were crowded with people of all ages dressed up in various costumes. Meanwhile, there is a parade that is held, with floats rolling through the streets. From an outsider’s perspective, it was very amusing. People-watching at its finest! Standing in one spot, there would be four different songs being blared full blast , with different groups dancing to each song. Complete noise pollution, but hilarious. Anyways, on our way back to the train there was a food stand that was packed with people. We decided to check it out. Basque food is excellent and if all the locals are lined up, it must be outstanding. What could have possibly caused such a long line? Answer: hand-made tortillas being freshly created on the spot. One has the option of choosing pancetta or chorizo to be put on the inside of the tortilla. “Talo” is apparently the name of this mouth-watering Basque delicacy. The sight of the people making the tortillas combined with the smell of chorizo definitely lured me. Anyways, it was one of the best snacks I have had yet. It also tasted so much better after a solid week of running and healthy eating. I am looking forward to a few more savory meals, some sunshine, and some improvements on my Spanish!

People packed on every street and in every alley.
Making Tolas.
Nonstop the entire time.
Shoulder to shoulder with people dressed up.
Had to get a picture with this character.
1-San Sebastian at night.
2-San Sebastian at night.


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