Barcelona 2013

Sunny day climb up Montjuic!

Well, time to wrap things up here in Barcelona. It’s a an enormous city with a ton of outstanding restaurants and cafes. It has gone by quickly, but now I can finally take a deep breath after finally finishing the TEFL course. Next, I am heading off to a beautiful beach town tucked away in the Basque country. San Sebastian is the name. I stayed there last weekend and relished in the laid back atmosphere and quaintness of San Sebastian. Beautiful architecture and phenomenal restaurants, all within what seems to be a couple minute walk from the beach.

Thus far, I have learned that I prefer the mellow ambiance of the ‘small town’ compared to the commotion and racket in the ‘big city’. Although, watching the amount of characters walking around town, while sipping on an espresso, has been very amusing. I have also discovered some consistent running routes that offer stunning scenery (Beach Strolls and Montjuic).  The historical sites are also pretty neat. However, I do like my space. And that is why San Sebastian will seem to be a good fit.

Olympic Stadium. Still intact.
Olympic Pool. Unfortunately it is a wreck, but the view rocks.
One of Gaudi’s cathedrals. The closer you get, the more parts of it look as though they are melting. Crazy.
El Mercado de la Boqueria. Great meats + Produce.
End of Las Ramblas-Columbus.
The Mosquito. Understated & Authentic Asian Cuisine. Best Pho I have ever had.
Scoping out San Sebastian. Gnarly Winds.
Glimpse of La Concha/San Sebastian.


Song/Band of the Week:

The Goat Rodeo Sessions- A collaboration of virtuosos. Stumbled upon them while listening to Nickel Creek. Very easy on the ears.



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One thought on “Barcelona 2013”

  1. love the band… will have to mojo when you come home!!!! love seeing all the pics… not so sure if i love the beard though. Hope you have a great day.. miss you!

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